Old MacDonald's Farm Products


PiesOld MacDonald's orchard begin with 33 trees planted for our own use. When the trees started to produce and we had more fruit that we could handle, it was clear that we had to do something: either downsize to something manageable, or get larger and sell our fruit at the farmers market. We opted for the latter and have added trees each year. Even with losing some trees to weather and deer over the years, we now have over 400 fruit trees.

We grow several varieties of apples, apricot, peaches, and pears, each one being selected for its taste. We take great care growing our fruit using Integrated Pest Management and we only use of MSU-designated reduced risk pesticides. Our family picks, sorts and washes all fruits before we sell them.

Pam's JamsBaked Goods

Our Pantry Store is packed with many wonderful and fresh made baked goods, all made with the freshest ingredients.


As Pamela has said many times "Doing something you love is never work!" She started making homemade jam when she was 20 years old. When her husband Bruce started growing fruit it seemed that it was her destiny to create Pam's Jams.